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Design & Development

Key to the ongoing success of AMX Design is our passion for quality British design.

Driving this success is our talented design and development team which continually innovates new styles and shapes in line with both cutting edge fashion and the timeless grace of traditional elegance.

We focus on producing consistently high quality, comfortable and affordable leather and leather & soft mixed upholstery. All our design collections can be produced in a wide range of leathers and fabrics – which we go to great lengths to source from the world’s top suppliers, and then test thoroughly to ensure that our furniture remains at its very best for many years.

Co-owner Mark Smith leads a 10-strong design and development team which enjoys a close working relationship with the best suppliers in the business to ensure that we continue to lead the way in fresh, exciting designs brought to life through the newest leathers, fabrics, and other components available.

We design furniture that is ergonomic and practical – but without compromising on style, superior proportions, quality tailoring and beautiful materials.

Furniture designed and made by AMX Design is distinctive and unmistakable when it comes to quality, innovation and value. Our consistent branding and marketing reinforces the message that AMX Design should be the first choice for discerning retailers.

AMX Design is a member of ACID (Anti Copying in Design).

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