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Please take time to read the following care guidelines.

Keep your furniture away from direct sunlight, and avoid sharp objects and spillages. Sunlight can cause the covers to fade, discolour and even rot. Protect your fabric by drawing curtains or blinds. Similar damage and accelerated wear can come from direct heat from radiators, heaters or fires. Reposition your furniture away from any of these possible source. All fabrics can be snagged or scratched. Pet’s claws, jewellery, buckles, rivets etc. can cause this. If a snag appears do not pull it or cut it.

When cleaning leather furniture, always avoid using detergents, spirit cleaners and furniture polish. As with fabric upholstery, avoid exposure to direct sunlight as even the strongest colours may fade. In a dry climate or in an environment where a fire is frequently used, give more attention to your leather furniture.

Plump and turn your cushions regularly. Vigorously plump your cushions into shape if they contain fibre or feather. Foam seat cushions will lose some of their firmness within the first few weeks of wear, this is perfectly normal. Regularly turning reversible cushions and alternating their position helps maintain shape and prolong life.

If the cushions are not turned and plumped regularly they may begin to look out of shape. If this happens unzip the cover, reposition the interior and repeat the steps above.

Regular Cleaning
Try to vacuum clean your upholstery at least once a week always using the brush attachment; dust removal may be improved by pre-brushing with a soft brush. Accumulated dirt will accelerate wear and dull colours.

Your furniture has been hand made and developed to last for years, treating it carefully will help prolong its life and look. Do not allow the kids (…or big kids) to treat furniture as a trampoline or climbing frame. Likewise do not sit on the arm or edge of the cushions, as this will lead to premature wear and tear.

Stains & Spillages
With spillages, it is vital to act quickly. Absorb the spillage with dry white kitchen paper or a dry cloth. Do not rub or soak the fabric or allow the stain to set. Do not use proprietary cleaners or any other household cleaners. Contact a professional upholstery cleaner.

Professional Cleaning
Sooner or later your upholstery may need freshening up with a professional clean. We would advise that you do not attempt this yourself as the cleaning materials and methods are specific to the fabric type. The weaving, dying and finishing of upholstery fabrics is complex and technically particular to the type of fabric.

The zips on your upholstery and cushions are not necessarily there so the covers can be removed, but as a method of effectively fitting interiors during manufacture.

Your furniture has been made in accordance with up to the minute fire retardant legislation and this might mean that the cover has a backcoating treatment. This coating can, over time breakdown, particularly if dry cleaned.

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